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1. To work with the Gymblast® staff organizing the event.
2. To make sure the event is fun for ALL, regardless of who wins.

3. Be organized for the Gymblast®.
a. Come up with a Team Name.
Your name MUST include your team's color. 
example: Green Grass Stains, or, Blue Baltazars. 

Here are the four team colors:
               >RED     >BLUE     >GREEN     >YELLOW
b. Invent & practice a team cheer. Be creative.
c. Decorate your corner of the gym (i.e. posters, banners, team colour)
    >Please have at least one large poster with your team name on it
d. Get together with your team to go over your cheer and organize

         the events.    

e. Keep team members informed as to the time and date of

         the Gymblast®.

4. Be encouraging by being a positive team leader. If you are excited, your team will be also!

5. Help clean up after the Gymblast®.

GYMBLAST® Guarantee...

"If you do your job as a team leader by being organized, enthusiastic and encouraging, we bring our Gymblast® system and it will be a HUGE success for your school!"

Student Leader Responsibilities:
GYMBLAST® information package:
Click here to download info pack