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…a jam-packed, fun-filled, 2 hour, morning or afternoon assembly for your student body.  The assembly games are primarily geared for students in grades 7-12.  As a result of this event, incredible school spirit is developed. We work with the student leadership of your school to help develop them as leaders. They are the key to a successful event! Each event is designed for fun and team cooperation. Scores are kept for each event for motivational purposes but we strongly emphasize that winning isn't the most important thing.

"Play hard... Play fair... Play safe"

Bottom line...

Gymblast® will enhance your...

•School spirit
•Student leadership

•Atmosphere of co-operation and teamwork

Gymblast® will provide...

•the equipment
•the expertise
•the excitement

...all to give your school a quality, action-packed assembly event!!

•60-80 students      $275/Blast

•81-120 students    $300/Blast
•121-200 students  $325/Blast

•201-250 students  $350/Blast
•250-300 students   $375/Blast

•over 300 students  call for options

Outside of Saskatoon/Regina:
•add $50 and mileage ($0.70/km)

to above cost

GYMBLAST® pricing:

NOTE: Gymblast® is a trademarked program and we work hard to run a professional school assembly program that is unique and motivational for your students. Please help us keep it real.